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What is Fox Sales Legends?

Most designers settle for average. This is for those who shoot for the moon.

You want to control your time and income. You want skills that give you an edge, and a clear strategy for success. You want to maximize client profit, work less than ever AND deliver great results. That is you, right?

 Fox Sales Legends helps web designers realize your biggest vision. Then we hand you the tools to make it happen. We work closely with every member to give you a structured plan to trigger the internal and external transformations required to change your life.

Our biggest goal is to give you the skills, tools and confidence you need to create your own financially independent lifestyle. No matter what your current experience or commitments – if you are driven to do more in life, then we will help you rise.

Who is Fox Sales Legends for?

A lot of the people who have joined us did so because they felt like they were stuck in a vicious web design cycle…

  • You feel distracted, unfocused and blindly overworked;
  • You lack the confidence and skills to make your business grow;
  • Your clients drive you mad (or worse, you don’t have clients);
  • You work crazy hours with little progress;
  • You’re lost without a plan and stuck in a nasty no-progress cycle;
  • BUT you want to break free of that cycle;
  • AND you will do whatever it takes to get results.

Maybe you feel like a fraud. Like you can’t bill higher rates. Maybe you worry what people will say when you sell them something “expensive.” Feelings are natural. They’re also negotiable.

Fox Sales Legends helps you
negotiate your feelings and your freedom.

What kind of people join Fox Sales Legends?

Runar S.

Overworked Employees

Join us when you feel stressed out, overworked, and you lack control over your time, business and life. If you want to make an impact while providing for you family, and you are eager to get started, we'll help you to find the confidence to go out on your own and create measurable success. Fox Sales Legends helps you develop the sales and communication skills to step into the high-value independent expert you know you can be.

Ben C.

Recent Graduates

You’re ready to start. You want to create income from nothing. You’ve just finished Uni or have some base level of experience, but you don’t know how to step things up. Fox Sales Legends helps you get the real life business experience you need to go forward. Through structured guidance, proven processes and support of like-minded people, you can learn to earn your freedom right now.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

You want to do something big. You’re committed, but short on plans. Thing is, you don’t need a Shark Tank idea to make lots of money. Web design is proven, profitable and fast to start. As long as you’ve got the grit, FSL can teach you to take a design business and turn it into a powerhouse of an entrepreneurial venture. Whatever your vision, we give you the tools to make sure you succeed in business.

Kemar D.

Within that first month, I had hit my monthly revenue goal for the first time, and by October I had already made 10x more annual income than I have in my past 2 years of web design. — Jessica C.

How can the program help you?

Business Skills: In Fox Sales Legends we focus on the key skills for web-based business growth. This includes training in sales and prospecting as well as communications, networking, self-belief systems, negotiations and more.

Mentorship: You also get high-value guidance from the Fox Web School staff. Rob, Alex and the team are online every single day to help guide you, share personal feedback, and keep you on track toward your goals.

Accountability and Support: Inside, you get powerful systems that help you unlock your true potential. You will see massive progress when you join us. In this program no one is left behind.

What do you get with the program?

Weekly mentoring group calls with Rob & the team

Secret Facebook Group for program members only

Weekly course video material (work at your own pace)

Making real friends with like-minded people that know how you feel

Step by step framework to become the best version of yourself

Practical “homework” challenges after each section

Accountability and support from the group

More yet to come! – we’re constantly improving the program based on students’ feedback

Member Reviews

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The #1 reason to join Fox Sales Legends…

Two big problems designers face are lack of profit and lack of freedom. You trade time for pay and it eats up your freedom; or you go with freedom, but sacrifice your income.

To solve these problems you have to earn more money faster and more consistently. That means you have to know how to run a business and have the skills to manage it. When you control your income and your freedom then everything starts to fall in place. You can see the world, enjoy more time off, or just live a happier, healthier life. But your business has to support that vision, so you need the right systems to get you there.

Your business is a reflection of yourself. If you aren’t who you want to be, your business won’t reach its full potential. And the reverse is holds true – master your business and you can master yourself. With this in mind, you should join us if either your business or your life isn’t how you want it to be, and if you very seriously want something more.

When I joined the wildest dream I had was closing a $2k project. The next project I closed was a $5,000 project deal with a client that respects my expertise. If I wasn’t in the Legends group I would not have got this sale. — Tanner M.

Whether you join us now or sometime in the future, it’s you who has to take that first step.

If you know, deep down inside, that you have the inner drive to be better and do more, but you need a little help to pull it out…consider Fox Sales Legends. We bring the best out of you.


The Core Curriculum

Fox Legends breaks down the core skills of business and entrepreneurship into a series of easy-to-follow weekly training modules. Each of the modules contain concise and valuable tutorials, along with extra resources and challenges.

The modules themselves link together to form a progressive system of important skills and strategies. Over a year you will steadily transform into a highly strategic, skilled, capable leader.

Section one.
Build a solid foundation.

Section one is all about the solid foundation you need to succeed in sales. Having the right mindset and the right habits is half the battle. You will practise:

Mindset and self image
Habits and discipline
Core sales concepts
Advanced networking

The focus is on not “trying” something – but becoming (permanently) the type of person who succeeds with sales. This has to start internally with how we think and see ourselves.

Once the internal mindset is right, all external action is multiple times easier and more effective. Things line up fast, the right actions are chosen, and results come fast. The second part of section one is about building a solid business foundation. Networking focuses not only on clients, but also on business connections. Knowing (and being able to know) the right people gives a business way more potential. One or two connections can change a whole business around and get it to the next level.

The sales foundation section focuses on some key sales skills. This will not form a system yet, but rather they are separate skills that we need master first. Like a boxer learning a jab, we want to master the core sales skills before combining them together. In this section we’ll cover 3 of the most important core skills.

Section two.
Build upon the foundation.

With a solid mindset and habits in place, we start working on skills. We look at more advanced sales skills and start connecting the dots from section one. You will learn:

Intermediate sales
Cold prospecting
Speaking & presentation skills

Alongside advanced sales skills, we look at copywriting. Not just sales letters, but all forms of written communication, including emails we send to prospects and customers. We want to make sure we are selling any time we write anything, short or long format.

We also work on public speaking. One, it’s a very handy skill of course, but this is starting to actively test the mindset content from the first section. We want to be pushing ourselves and seeing we are capable of more than we know.

Along with this, we work on general speaking and presentation skills. How to look and sound the part. How to dress, organize our life and environment, and how to speak in a powerful and persuasive way.

Section three.
Step it up even more.

We step it up even more with skills based around closing deals and raising prices. These skills will separate us from your average seller who focuses mostly on the direct part of selling. You will study:

Persuasion and influence
Negotiating and pricing
Advanced sales
Stories and branding

Skills we start learning it section three are sales “support” skills which increase our value and close rate both directly and indirectly. At their core, every great business leader is someone who can create a persuasive plan or vision and get others to believe in it. Whether that is selling a project or leading a full team of people – you need to be able to persuade people to see things your way.

Along with this, we look at more technical selling skills. At this point, we will be starting to look at more advanced concepts that are proven to be effective at increasing sales in both volume and price. 

A side goal in this section is to start creating sale “attraction”. We’ll be working on how to be seen as an authority in our niche and begin the process of creating automated sales systems.

Section four.
Become an expert.

The last section focuses on the next level of selling skills – creating a strong vision and building a community or culture around it. We also start working on building industry and niche authority using the skills we have already learned. You will learn:

Leadership & management
Mastering sales
Authority & expert building

The focus within this section is on the main skills that we’ll be using long term as business owners. Be respected as an industry authority has massive advantages when it comes to selling and business growth. We want to be able to train and lead others, manage and direct the business, and build marketplace awareness.

We look at specific advanced sales techniques once more and cover some more new concepts. At this point, we are starting to connect a lot of the individual selling techniques we have been learning to create an overall effective sales system.

By the time this final section is over, you will have the ability to both attract and close high ticket sales, manage yourself and your team, and lead others within your business and niche. 

My business had seen some moderate growth going into year 2 but after joining the Legends program things seemed to really pick up. July was my best month ever, and then I went ahead and beat that in August and again in September.
Dan B.


When you join you will be part of a tight-knit community of web designers who are thinking big and taking the right actions to make their visions a reality. We are a dedicated group of people looking to reach our full potential while having fun every step of the way. 

The modules themselves link together to form a progressive system of important skills and strategies. Over a year you will steadily transform into a highly strategic, skilled, capable leader.

Ongoing support

Fox Legends Program also includes weekly group coaching calls where Rob directly answers your questions and offers real-time strategic advice.

The calls are highly interactive ensuring that our members receive personal feedback when needed and that they can continue to take consistent action.

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What’s the investment?

Time investement

You need to commit three to five hours per week for 12 months to get serious results. You can do more, but you don’t have to because the program is designed to free your time, not bog you down.

We’re not here to kind of help you. Our mission is to make a massive impact in your business and life. In 12 months we will work together to:

  • Help you overcome your biggest challenges and issues
  • Create earthquaking transformations that radically alter the course of your life

Remember, this is a 12 month commitment from us too. So we only accept the most highly-motivated, supremely driven designers into our program.

Money investement

Fox Sales Legends is a one-time $900 investment, and 11 monthly payments of $150. 

Your investment covers the costs of the time it takes our staff to work with you and to help you find solutions to your biggest problems while facilitating group sessions, learning and growth. 

This is also a chance for you to get comfortable working with bigger numbers. In FSL we’ve found that designers who aren’t comfortable investing in themselves at higher levels also aren’t comfortable asking clients for higher rates. 

The good news is, even a single high-ticket client can double or triple your return, and we can help you land them.

I’m ready to do this. Where do we go from here?

There’s no checkout page or “buy now” link. We take the time to get to know each new possible student first before we offer them the chance to join. We work closely with our students for a full year so it matters to us that they want to succeed as much as we want to help them. To apply, fill a quick quiz first to see if you’re a good fit.

About our team

Rob Anthony O’Rourke,
Founder of Fox Web School

Rob started his web design journey in early 2016. He’d just moved countries after losing his job due to a recession, and was keen to make an income online to take back control of his life.

In his first year he sold $20,000 design projects and generated his first 6-figure income. He documented all of this online which caused thousands of people to turn to him for help.

At first Rob helped people one by one. When demand grew too high, he started Fox Web School to help even more. Today he’s trained over a thousand of paying students and over ten thousands of others through his Facebook Groups, Youtube Channel and other social media channels. If you’re ready to change your life, Rob can help you too.


Alex Dubis

By 2018, Fox Web School grew large enough that it was bottlenecked by a single person. So Alex came aboard to help Rob help more people.

Having successfully grown her own online business in the wedding industry, Alex brings loads of experience in web design, marketing and high-ticket sales.

From learning English as a second language, immigrating to the UK, and then starting her business with no savings, Alex knows how to connect with and help students overcome their biggest challenges.

The Rest of The Team

As of late 2019, the Fox team is starting to expand even more. Fox Web School is looking to work with the best talent we can to help students succeed and to keep the school growing. Expect to see this section updated soon with new staff and professionals ready to help you succeed.

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