How a website can help a business?

You need to know this so you fully understand why a business owner would buy a website. They will only buy when there is a clear reason to buy. Without knowing exactly the main reasons they will buy you will always be guessing. You won’t be able to sell at a high price or consistently. And we don’t want that!

A common mistake most web designers make

A lot of web designers think they can get a business to buy a website because:

It will be custom coded and it will look great.
It will be a responsive design and load fast.
I will do it for super cheap.
The previous website is really old looking – this one will be new!

But these are super weak reasons for anyone to buy a website. When I say weak I mean there is no real power to them. The power to make a sale. Anyone trying to sell a website because of these reasons will never make much money and they will rarely sell. You will have to beg, plead, and bargain to get them to do anything. I will show you why.

How can you sell a website at a high price?

What you need is a core reason for someone to buy. A reason with a lot of selling power. The closer you are to a core reason why someone might buy the better the sale will be. Once you got one or more core reasons you can start creating a nice big profitable deal.

What is a core reason?

A core reason is something a business owner really cares about, not something that “kinda” matters. This will be easier to show with some examples.

Look at the following examples of what a business owner might think about during a typical day. Try to guess which is a “kinda cares” type statement and which one is a core problem they need fixing right now:

  • It would be nice to fix that chair – it sometimes makes a squeaky noise.
  • We need to get that machine fixed – we got customers waiting.
  • If we could paint that wall blue it would look great.
  • We have to get another truck driver, there are a lot of extra orders that need to be delivered this month.
  • I would like some new carpet in here, but no one really comes back here that often.
  • If we don’t sell over 20 new deals this month, we are going to have to let some staff go. I need to look at the sales team and find out what is going wrong.

Can you see the difference between what needs to be fixed NOW and what would be “kinda nice” to do?

Two kinds of business expenses

You got two general ways a business owner looks at buying something.

1. “Wouldn’t it be nice / Maybe we could / What about maybe….”

This is something they would like, but it’s not that important today. Maybe they will buy, but only if it’s cheap, doesn’t take much work, and is easy. You don’t want to be selling something that they view in this way (very weak sale).

2. “We need this fixed / This has to be done / We have to…”

This is something they need right now or they will suffer/miss out. They know it’s important, they see the value in getting it fixed right now, and they know it needs to be done. This is where you can really sell. If you can show them what you got is going to fix what they need – they are going to start paying attention and will be thinking about buying.

How do we make sure they view a website as something they need rather than something “they would like”?

Great question. In fact, if we know for sure what exactly a business really needs (at a core level) and we have something that can help with this problem in a big way – we are getting very close to making a sale.

Let’s go back to the typical statements from a web designer we looked at a moment ago:

It will be custom coded and it will look great.
It will be a responsive design and load fast.
I will do it for super cheap.
The previous website is really old looking – this one will be new!

Do these solve big business problems, or are these “it would be nice” type statements? For 99.9% of business owners, these would be “ya, that would be nice” type points. They might say yes if it was super cheap/easy/fast, but it would be a very weak yes. It isn’t enough to close a good deal. It will either be a no-deal or a bad deal. I am not in the bad deal business and you don’t want to be either.

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