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Welcome to the Fox Web School 0 - $1,000 Web Design Challenge

This might sound like a simple “make $1,000 online” challenge, but it’s much more than that. If you get involved expect to see massive long term results in your mindset, sales skills, income, and lifestyle. Give this a quick read and you will see why (and how).

Chances are if you are reading this you are either new to web design or just not currently getting the results you would like. You might have trouble knowing what to do next, how to sell, or how to find the right clients who are interested in working with you. We’ll fix that.

You might think you are in a bad place right now on your web design journey but you’re not. You already got everything you need to succeed. I’ll prove why…

Web design doesn’t need a lot of the “things” that other businesses do. You don’t need to risk a lot of money and time in ordering some products to sell online. You don’t need to have $10,000 to invest in equipment or advertising. You don’t even need an office or website!

If you got an internet connection and the use of a laptop you are ready to go.

For web design to work its 99% mindset and strategy.

If you can think in the right way and have a good plan to follow you can make massive progress in a very short amount of time. The problem is that a lot of people who start web design are doing it wrong. They don’t see much or any progress because they are already going in the wrong direction.

This challenge is about putting you on the right track and helping you move forward.

I will show you how to use web design to do a lot more than just build a few small projects for clients that pay you next to nothing. This is a challenge about creating a REAL business that can actually grow and continue over time.

For me a web design business is just one way. It is something that I do to get me to my end goals. Now I love web design but you need to look at running a web design business as a business foundation and not a destination. Let me explain…

If you started tomorrow at the best business school there is what would you learn? Things like how to plan, how to sell, how to manage, how to communicate, how to create value in the marketplace and so on. What would a top University charge you for this… easily above $100,000 (and 4 years of your life).

With web design you can do all of this and more, in real life, while getting paid. You can learn how to sell to real business owners, you can learn how to manage real projects, you can learn to persuade, communicate, and lead. You can know how to create a ton of value for real businesses and get paid very well to do so. You can begin to think like a successful business person and know how to run a profitable business. IF you are using the right approach.

If you can come at web design with the right mindset and think like a business owner (instead of just a web designer) you can make massive personal and business progress.

For you to make this work you will need the following:

1) You must be willing to think big and want more than to make just a few quick dollars online.

This challenge is for people who want big things and not quick short-lived results.

2) You must be the type of person who wants to help others and create win-win deals.

I will be teaching you to create real value for real businesses. If all you care about is yourself it won’t work. I WILL teach you how to sell but you got to use that skill ethically. If you are just going to take peoples money and then deliver terrible results then this isn’t for you.

3) You must be motivated to take some action and be consistent.

This is not an overnight “quick money” scheme.

The first few months can be tough but once you get it things will progress fast. If you need to make money “tomorrow” then go back to trading crypto or reselling cooking knives from China on Amazon. This is a real business that will real business skills – it takes some real work.

Okay if you are still here I guess you passed the test!

I wanted to cut out the time wasters and focus on those I can really help.

If you are interested in getting started with me on this challenge then great. I would love to help you succeed and if you stick around I am sure you will reach your goals.

For now don’t worry about the “how”. I will show you exactly what to do, why to do it that way, and how to make sure it works. I won’t be hiding any secret tricks or techniques.

All you gotta do is show up, let me teach use, and then take action.

Why am I doing this?

I have already run a free FB group for 3 years that has helped well over 10,000 people. I simple want to do more. I see so many people who are trying their best, are putting in hard work, but aren’t getting the results they want. This is my way of helping those people cause I know what that feels like and I remember how much it sucked.

I am really grateful of how much web design has given me and I know it can help many others as well. Life would not be a fun place if everyone only helped themselves so this is my way of repaying all the people who have helped me when I was just starting off. If no one had helped me I would still be stuck in an office somewhere going crazy! Now it is my turn to help others.

What do I require from you?

I have to tell you how it is – I love helping people but I have no time for people who can’t also help themselves. If you want to get results – then get involved.

I can always tell who will do the best but who is engaged the most.

– Watch the content and check out the extra resources. I will give you everything you need to succeed with this for free. You just need to use it.

– Post in the comments. Either ask any questions you have or help someone else out with the questions they have. If you can help someone else then give it your best shot.

– Help me reach more people. The whole Fox community has been built on people helping each other and providing a ton of free value. If you see someone else struggling out there with web design then send them a link or post up a comment about this challenge. The best way you can repay me for helping you to share this challenge with someone else so we can both help more people together.

Where to get started:

-> Subscribe to the Youtube channel and bookmark the challenge playlist.

Watch the 1K YouTube playlist here.

There will be one new video each week and extra resource to go with it.

-> Join the newsletter.

We’ll send one weekly email with some extra content and a reminder of the content. I never spam and the email is just a way to keep you accountable and committed to making a real change. Scroll to the bottom of this page and sign up.

-> Check out my Instagram.

Ha! This last one isn’t needed but if you want to know me a little more personally I will stick a link here.

What does this cost?

You don’t have to pay me a single dollar, but nothing is for free…

I expect you to take some action, be willing to help and share this with others, and give it your best. If you can do that you will succeed and this challenge will have been worth starting.

If you have read this far I know you have what it takes.

You got this! Make it happen and start right now.

– Rob Anthony O’Rourke (Fox)

The Fox Web School $1,000 Website Challenge

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